Welcome to The Ribbon Run.

The idea behind The Ribbon Run is not just to put on yet another virtual run, everyone is doing that, this is more a virtual event!

Yes, there is the standard 5k running distance needed but there is a twist. During the course of your run you will need to run in the shape of the Macmillan Ribbon.

The tracked run will then appear on Strava with the ribbon making "Strava Art"... 100 times over!

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Before you enter, you must be a UK resident ( we cannot post medals outside the UK ), you need to have an account on Strava or similar service which maps your run for you to view afterwards. In order to complete the event and be sent your bespoke medal, you need to run a minimum of 5K ( in one run ) between the dates of the 11th May and 19th May 2019 and create a "Strava Art" Macmillan Ribbon during your run.

Once completed, you will need to send a link to your run into us to verify before the end of May 2019, an email will be provided to you for this.

All entrants who do this will receive a bespoke medal by post.

100% of the profit from this event ( after cost of medals, postage and Paypal fees ) will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Entry is £10 per person and you must make sure you include a valid UK postal address.

We have very limited entries available, once they've gone... that's it! So grab your spot early to secure entry!

The Prizes

Of course everybody who completes the event will get the bespoke medal, but there's now more!
The fantastic guys over at SeeYorkRunYork have donated to us two race entries to use as prizes!
These will allow you free entry into any 2019 SYRY event ( depending on spaces available ).

On top of this, we have 1 entry for the York 10K up for grabs kindly donated to us by Runforall!

We will go over and review all entries as we receive them. Our favourite three will win and be notified by email.
We have no set criteria for what will make the entry a winner, could be most effort, most creative or even laziest succesful entry.... who knows! It will just be which three we think are most deserving.

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